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Transgender Hair Transplant

Gorgeous Hair for a Fabulous Transgender Woman Like You

March 15, 2016 No matter where you’re located on the path of transitioning, now’s the right time to consider hair transplant surgery. In Toronto, Dr. Paul Cotterill offers hairline feminization and hair restoration to trans women that lend them confidence. A woman’s hair is an asset to her overall femininity and yours can be too. There are several ways hair transplant surgery can help you achieve your desired look.

The perfect hairline A feminine hairline is typically lower, flatter and much more rounded than a man’s. A hair transplant surgery specifically targeting the area can alter your appearance to reflect this aesthetic. Dr. Paul Cotterill calls the process of achieving this kind of womanly result hairline feminization. He’s perfected the techniques involved and delivered successful outcomes that transgender woman like you benefit from. A softer, prettier appearance is the end result. Bye-bye bald spot Hereditary baldness can be understandably upsetting for a trans woman. Sure, wigs can be a good interim solution, but for the long haul, they’re far from ideal. A hair transplant can offer you the real solution you want. Using the most advanced and proven techniques available, Dr. Cotterill will personally attend to every aspect of the procedure to ensure a superior outcome. The surgery itself is lengthy, but almost entirely painless. However, depending on your desired result, you may need more than one treatment. When you come in for your free consultation, a strategy designed around your specific needs will be discussed and ultimately implemented at your soonest convenience. Hide scars Prior surgeries to feminize your features may have left you with unwanted scarring, particularly as a consequence of forehead lowering procedures. Transplanted hair can help camouflage these scars, masking the markings behind a curtain of hair. A safe, respectful setting Dr. Cotterill’s primary obligation is to the wellbeing of all his patients, no matter what their background. Male, female or transgender, he’s happy to help you by sharing his expertise with hair transplants. His unbiased kindness will allow you to always feel welcome at his Toronto clinic. Come as your authentic self, with no need to justify or explain. There’s only one probing question he’ll ever ask you: how can I help? A doctor with expertise Dr. Paul Cotterill has nearly 30 years of experience performing hair transplant surgery and hair restoration treatments in Toronto. He’s an authority in the field and has devoted his entire career to improving and perfecting the art of hair loss treatment. An international lecturer, a published author and a key member of several reputed hair restoration organizations; he’s an absolute authority in his field. Call today to schedule a free consultation and discover the difference he can make for you.


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