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Hair Transplant Cost in Toronto

For most people, the price of the treatment is one of the most significant questions. It is a very commonly researched parameter by people who are looking for hair transplants.  Dr Paul C Cotterill will assess your scalp and give you his opinion as to what can and cannot be achieved. Managing and setting expectations is a very important part of the in-person consultation.

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The cost of a hair transplant depends on a number of factors that are considered while charging a fee. Generally, the extent of hair loss and the work required in restoring the hair affect the charges. Dr. Paul C Cotterill charges per area for each session.* An exact amount will be determined when Dr Cotterill has personally assessed the patient. He understands your concern and believes in delivering value - when you visit our clinic. He ensures you not only get a warm, welcoming atmosphere but also individual attention to address your issue.

How to Select the Hair Transplant Clinic?


While researching the cost of hair transplant Toronto, it is important to remember that while cheaper options may be available, the risk of botched procedures, imperfect results and other unwanted outcomes can prove to be much more expensive - and not only in terms of money. When you are researching the hair transplant cost in Toronto, it would be wise to consider the physician’s experience, expertise and credentials. Questions to ask include: How long has the doctor been performing hair transplants, what percentage of his practice is hair transplants, does the doctor perform all the surgery or does he delegate some of the surgery to technicians, are consultations with the doctor or a with a non-medical consultant, is he Board Certified in Hair Restoration Surgery. These are all questions that should be considered when selecting your doctor.


Once you have settled on the doctor who meets the criteria, you will realize that while cost is important, -  value,  service and experience, really count. Dr. Cotterill is experienced, knowledgeable, and is supported by his reliable accomplishments in the field of hair transplantation. He offers safe and reliable hair treatments and ensures great results. Contact us today to book an appointment for our expert hair transplant services in Toronto. Take a look at our blog page for more information.


What Determines Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of hair transplant procedure depends on several factors such as:


  • The number of grafts: The number of grafts you receive will determine the hair restoration costs. Your hair loss specialist will determine the number of grafts you need based on the severity of your hair loss.

  • The methods of hair transplantation: There are two main methods of hair transplants available – Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), and the cost of the procedure can depend on the method you choose.

  • The number of sittings required: The number of settings or sessions required will determine the cost of the procedure.

Our Prices

Here is a general break down of our cost structure:

All full sessions, for example the front to ½ of the scalp cost from $6,500.00 to $10,500.00 plus taxes, (2,500-3,000+, 1-3 haired single follicular units, either transplanted as individual single units or with follicular unit families of 2 units).


In qualifying patients, if both the front half and crown are transplanted (as much of the entire area of scalp hair loss as possible ) in 1 session, the cost is $10,500.00 up to $12,000.00, plus taxes and can involve transplanting 3,500-5,000 follicular units, depending on the patients’ donor density.


Smaller sessions such as scar revision, frontal recessions, eyebrows, beards and other body areas depend on the size of the session and can range from $2500.00 - $6500.00 plus taxes.


There is a minimum fee of $2500.00. All costs are in Canadian dollars.


*As each patient is different in terms of the amount of scalp hair thinning, the amount of donor hair available, the amount of scalp to be treated in each session, and the type of graft to be used, it is difficult to give an exact amount per session without Dr. Cotterill seeing the patient first in consultation. Alternatively, some physicians charge per graft. In some cases, the patient is charged for each graft whether it is a 1-hair follicular unit graft, a 3-haired single follicular unit graft or a single 3-haired follicular unit graft cut up into 3 individual grafts (which are not true follicular units). It is important to know not only how many follicular unit grafts, but also how many hairs, are being transplanted in each session. For example, 1,000 true single follicular units of 2 hairs each per graft would yield 2,000 hairs being transplanted into 1,000 recipient sites. However, if the same true 1,000 – 2-haired follicular units were cut up into 2,000 1-haired grafts, then there would still be 2,000 hairs transplanted, but in 2000 recipient sites. The same amount of hair transplanted but in twice as many recipient sites.


Get in touch with us now to know more about our services, including eyebrow transplant, beard transplant and PRP therapy in Toronto.


Cost of Services Performed by Dr. Paul C Cotterill

Dr. Cotterill strongly believes that charges can be estimated only after proper one-on-one consultation. If you have been researching the hair transplant cost in Toronto, the chances are that you would have found clinics that quote a ball-park figure. Dr. Cotterill, however, feels that it is only fair to charge patients exactly the amount they really need to pay. Dr. Cotterill prefers checking each patient himself and does not take the help of consultants. He personally makes time for each patient to learn his/her history, medical conditions and the reasons for which they are opting for a hair transplant or hair restoration. Based on his assessments, Dr. Cotterill decides the right way to proceed and the kind of treatments that will suit the patient best and charges his fee accordingly.


Dr Paul C Cotterill is among 200 physicians certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, which means that the treatments and procedures you receive will be performed by the right kind of specialist in hair transplantation. Get in touch with us today to get your hair transplant procedure in Toronto.


Financing Your Procedure

If you are looking for hassle-free methods to finance your procedure, our team is there to help. Financing your procedure can be arranged through a company called Medicard. Medicard offers a variety of financing options with convenient monthly payments.


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Hair Transplant Treatment

With the development of hair restoration technology, you no longer need to settle for balding.

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