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How Will You Look after Your Hair Transplant?

It is impossible to predict precisely how many hairs will appear in any given graft, but at least 90% and often 100% of them will normally survive transplanting. We have never encountered a patient who showed no growth whatsoever.

After a period of 4 to 6 months, the skin surface of the grafts has usually blended in perfectly with the surrounding scalp. In some patients, however, the grafts may be a shade lighter in colour until they are “aged” by sun exposure.

The final appearance is that of “early thinning”, which is not meant to imply “thin” hair, but rather, to convey the idea that you cannot expect to look like you did when you were a teenager.

In summary, with the new techniques of follicular unit grafting using all 1-3 hair single follicular units, the hairline no longer appears as abrupt or dense as was the case with older traditional grafts. Single follicular units create a very natural-looking, soft, hairline. They also do not result in the removal of any existing hair in the recipient area and are, therefore, advantageous for transplanting in patients with “early” MPB or female thinning.

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