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Experienced Hair Surgeon in Toronto

Dr Paul Cotterill is a trusted hair surgeon in Toronto with over three decades of experience, providing a plethora of hair loss solutions, including hair transplants, PRP therapy, and more. 
Our Toronto office is accessible by car, bus, or the St. George subway stop located across the street. It offers free parking and is wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to book a free initial consultation, please complete the e-form on this page. Dr. Cotterill will do his best to contact you in a timely manner. 


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What to do Before Hair Surgery

Your hair doctor could ask you to undertake specific preoperative preparations, such as avoiding typical hair products for a few days or suggest following a special hair care routine per the treatment requirements. 

A list of Our Services

  • Male hair transplant: Are you suffering from male pattern baldness? Dr Paul Cotterill offers male hair transplants in Toronto with impressive results. 

  • Female hair transplant: If you are experiencing hair loss or have thinning hair, a female hair transplant can help restore your appearance and reduce bald spots. 

  • Transgender hair transplants: Can complete your transition and help you attain facial hair, body hair, or hairline. 

  • Eyebrow transplant: Eyebrow transplant is a safe and effective solution for individuals with scarred, missing or thin eyebrows. 

  • PRP therapy: Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a non-surgical procedure that promotes natural hair growth. Dr Paul Cotterill performs PRP therapy for both men and women. 

  • Pharmaceutical medications: including finasteride and minoxidil 


Office Locations



21 Bedford Rd, (Ground Floor), 

Toronto, ON, M5R 2J9

Temporary Construction Entrance. Please follow signage.


Toll Free 1-800-414-8712


Business Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Stat holidays: Closed

Entre point for the office
Signage to follow



302 Hamilton Avenue, St Johns,

Newfoundland, CA, A1E 1J9


New York (Consultations Only)


620 Park Avenue, (Entrance off 65th), 

New York, NY USA, 10021


Hotels Near the Toronto Office

Click here for a map of the area surrounding our Toronto location. The green arrow shows our location; nearby hotels are marked in red.

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Professional Hair Surgeon In Toronto

Dr Paul Cotterill is a trusted hair surgeon in Toronto with over 32 years of experience in hair restoration.

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