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Customized Hair Transplant Procedure in Toronto: Before and After Results

While men are more prone to hair loss than women, both can experience thinning of hair and hair loss eventually. The reasons for this may be temporary or more complex with an underlying health issue. The good news is that hair loss treatments are available for almost all kinds of hair loss issues. At Dr. Cotterill’s office in Toronto, patients are given individual consultations to discuss in detail about their hair loss problems. Both male and female patients can get an effective hair loss treatment in Toronto.

Surgical and clinical treatments are available to prevent and regrow lost hair. Hair transplant surgery is an appropriate option for many patients, however a thorough consultation needs to be performed first to assess their candidacy. In our clinic, you will get expert advice on your specific condition and the best type of treatment for you. We treat:

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Dependable Hair Loss Treatment in Toronto

We’ve all heard it said that “seeing is believing” and “one picture is worth a thousand words.” So when it comes to Dr. Paul C. Cotterill’s hair loss treatment in Toronto, we have gathered photos of some of Dr. Cotterill’s patients to provide a before and after view of actual patients who have received hair transplants so that you can see for yourself the dramatic results. Each of our patients has a different and unique story to tell when it comes to their hair loss. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a customized hair loss treatment in Toronto that can be trusted for quality. Take a look at the before and after images of our patients.


Success Stories

Name of patient: Mark

Age of patient: 34

Number of grafts: 1900

34-year-old male, 1 year later after 1900 hair transplant grafts. Showing donor site scar using trichophytic closure. Mark is also featured on Dr. Cotterill’s Videos page. You can watch his entire procedure on video, from consultation to transplant. He also has a video blog where you can watch the experience from the patient’s perspective.

Age of patient: 28

Number of grafts: 3700

28-year-old male hair transplant patient receiving 3,700 hair transplant grafts in a single hair transplant surgery.

Age of patient: 55

Number of grafts: 3000

55-year-old hair transplant patient after 2 hair transplant surgeries. The hair transplant surgeries were 2 years apart totalling 3,000 hair transplant grafts.

Age of patient: 28

Number of grafts: 3800

3,800 grafts on a 28-year-old male in a single hair transplant surgery. After photos were taken 1 year after the hair transplant surgery.

Age of patient: 27

Number of grafts: 2200

27-year-old hair transplant patient receiving 2,000 hair transplant grafts in a single hair transplant surgery.

Age of patient: 29

Number of grafts: 1800

Female hair transplant patient receiving 1,800 hair transplant grafts in a single hair transplant surgery.

Age of patient: 38

Number of grafts: 6100

38-year-old hair transplant patient receiving 2 hair transplant surgeries for a total of 6,100 follicular unit grafts.

Age of patient: 45

Number of grafts: 1200

45-year-old female hair transplant patient with female pattern hair loss. After photos were taken 14 months after the single hair transplant surgery of 1,200 hair transplant grafts.

Number of grafts: 2900

2,900 hair transplant grafts in a single hair transplant surgery. After photos were taken 1 year after hair transplant surgery.

Number of grafts: 2500

2 transplants totalling 2500 hair transplant grafts. This female had scarring and scalp hair loss after an accident and an attempted scar repair. 2 transplants were performed to cover the scar and regain a more natural feminine hairline.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Surgical Hair Transplants Safe?

Surgical hair transplants are one of the reliable treatments for hair loss and can achieve natural-looking permanent hair. With a simple procedure involving one or two sessions with your hair restoration physician, this procedure can restore balding crowns and receding hairlines.


Are All Types of Hair Loss the Same?

Hair loss conditions vary from person to person. For some, it might be hereditary, while for others, it might be a different scalp condition.  The patients needs to be assessed by a hair loss professional to determine the cause of scalp hair loss and the best options available.


How Many Hair Transplant Sessions Would I Need?

For some patients, one session of transplants to an area of complete loss or an area of early thinning may be enough. Other patients may eventually have a second session to finish transplanting an area of the scalp that continued to experience a gradual loss of the pre-existing non-transplanted hair over time.


How Long Does the Transplanted Hair Last?

For the vast majority of patients, transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. In some cases, the transplanted hair may thin as the patient ages.



Why Choose Dr Cotterill?

Specialized Hair Treatment

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