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View a Case Study of Hair Transplantation in Toronto

Take a Virtual Tour of Dr. Cotterill’s Office in Toronto
Dr. Cotterill explains his practice and provides a summary of his credentials while taking you on a virtual tour of his office at 21 Bedford Rd. Toronto ON.

Patient Consultation Videos

This series of videos follows a real patient of Dr. Cotterill’s named Mark. At the time of these videos Mark was in his mid-thirties and had thinning through the temple areas, which was causing him great distress. The videos below show a typical patient consultation. Following the consultation videos are videos of Mark’s procedure and his own personal video blog documenting the experience.

Dr. Cotterill personally consults with each patient. There is no cost for the consultation. Dr. Cotterill will spend as much time as is needed to explain your hair loss options. Book a consultation today!

Part 1: Mark’s Consultation

Part 1 of this series introduces Dr. Cotterill and demonstrates a typical consultation with a real patient of Dr. Cotterill's. Dr. Cotterill explains hair loss, dyhydrotestosteron (DHT), genetics, and various treatment options. He dispels myths and explains products such as Monoxidil, Finasteride (Propecia) and their possible side effects

Part 2: Mark's Consultation

This video continues where the previous video left off. Dr. Cotterill draws a sample hair line on marks scalp, and explains many aspects of aging and hairlines and future hair loss, as well as how to achieve a natural looking hairline.

Part 3: Mark's Consultation

The final part of Mark's consultation interview. Dr. Cotterill explains the procedure, trichophytic closure, and what to expect following the procedure in regard to swelling, physical activity, etc.

Part 4: Mark's Surgery

This video may contain scenes that are a little graphic, although it has been edited to reduce that aspect. This shows the preparation of the scalp and removal of the donor area, as well as the process of separating the hairs into transplantable units.

Part 5: Mark's Surgery

This time-lapse video speeds you through the creation of the new sites, which Dr. Cotterill performs himself, and shows in high speed the insertion of the follicular units into the new sites. Information about what is happening is displayed as well.

Mark's Personal Video Blog

The following videos are part of Mark’s personal video blog, documenting from the night before his procedure to the days and months following the procedure. These videos have been used with Mark’s permission and can also be found on his YouTube channel.

Blog Entry 1: The Night Before

This video was taken the night before Mark was to have his procedure.

Blog Entry 2: Hours after Mark's Procedure

A few hours after his procedure Mark shows off his new transplanted area, showing where the old hair line was and where the new hair line will be.

Blog Entry 3: 1 Day Later

1 Day after his procedure Mark talks about how his first night went, describing the sensations he is feeling and his comfort level following the procedure.

Blog Entry 4: Hair Washing

Mark explains washing his hair the day after the procedure. He also mentions a little swelling in the forehead, which can occur.

Blog Entry 5: 2 Days Post Procedure

Mark shows a little more swelling in this video, which was shot a couple days after the procedure. He also explains in this video his reasons for getting a transplant.

Blog Entry 6: 4 Days Post Procedure

4 days after the procedure, Mark gets a good night sleep and most of the swelling has gone down. Mark shows how well hidden the procedure site is; with the way he styles his hair he is able to hide the treated area well.

Blog Entry 7: 3 Months Post Procedure

3 months after having the procedure performed Mark explains about the initial thinning phase, which happens during the first couple months, and how he feels about it. The follicles do grow back in, even though they may initially fall out. Mark says 4 months, but corrects himself in the next video.

Blog Entry 8: 5 Months Post Procedure

5 months after the procedure Mark is very pleased with his results. The areas treated have filled in somewhat. He compares a photo taken before the procedure, to his current state after gelling his hair to show the new hairline. In this video you can see the extent of Mark's initial hair loss and what he has gained through the procedure.

Blog Entry 9: 8 Months Post Procedure

A few months after his previous blog entry, Mark shows off the donor area where the follicles were taken from. Also his hair looks very full in the front. It's hard to see the pencil thin suture line.

TV Appearances

Dr. Cotterill Performs a Transplant CityTV

Dr. Cotterill Performs a Transplant CityTV

This video shows excerpts from a television program called 'Breakfast Television' on Toronto's CityTV channel. Dr. Cotterill displays before and after photographs of some women who had a various transplant procedures such as eyebrow transplants, and burn victims who are covered by OHIP if the transplant is to fix an accident, such as a burn.


Explanation of Hair Loss in Men & Women

We are excited to share with you the first of 2 video series from ISHRS highlighting the explanation of hair loss in men and women. The first completed series illustrates the stories of 3 male friends, all of whom have experienced hair loss. The second series focusing on female hair loss will be released soon. Click on each link to view the video.

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