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Transgender Hair Transplants & Restoration in Toronto

Hair restoration surgery allows transgender individuals to make their transition complete by helping them attain the hairline, facial hair and body hair of their gender. That’s why I, Dr. Paul Cotterill, offer transgender transplants in Toronto. Whether you are ready to make this the first steps of your transition, or you have already begun the process, I can work with you in combination with other transitional procedures to help achieve your desired look. If you would like to learn more about our transgender hair transplant options, please feel free to call my office and speak to a member of my team.

Male to Female (MTF) Transgender Hair Transplants

MTF transitions propose a unique challenge in that many transitioning males have already encountered some hair loss or will encounter it in the future. I will work with you to address these issues and help you achieve the right look for you. I have coined the term “hairline feminization” to refer to what I do for transgender patients to give them a more rounded, feminine hair line that fills in the temporal recessions and provides a more feminine appearance. I find transgender patients to be very motivated, pleasant and knowledgeable. They are a small select niche and have their own websites where they share their stories, problems and resources. I am recommended on one of those sites as someone to see.

Female to Male (FTM) Transgender Hair Transplants

During the FTM transition, individuals are usually administering hormones that will promote facial hair growth. However, the density of this new growth is not always up to expectations. Hair transplants can help give you a more masculine appearance by creating strong sideburns, thicker eyebrows, a goatee or mustache. Each transplant can be individualized based on the individual’s preference. You can choose to have a thin strap beard along the jawline, or a full, dense beard. The decision is yours.

I can also work with you to transplant hair to other regions of the body, including the chest. Again, this can help to create a more masculine appearance and will also help to conceal any scars from previous transition surgeries. For many individuals, we focus on creating the greatest density of hair over the sternum. Coverage can then be extended downward as the individual chooses. I will work with you to learn the desired look you are hoping to achieve and help you find a way to make it happen.

Balancing Transgender Transplants with Other Cosmetic Procedures

Often transgender patients are undergoing other cosmetic facial procedures, which the hair restoration doctor needs to take into consideration when planning a transplant. Transgender patients often have a strong desire of what they feel they should look like, so the surgeons need to work closely with the patient so that expectations can be met. If the expectations are too high and the surgeons feel they cannot be met then the surgeon should be honest and upfront to ensure that the patients know what can and cannot be achieved with transgender transplants. Toronto-based you can book a consultation with my office. I also have an office in Manhattan, New York for consultations only.

Before & After photos showing Dr. Cotterill’s “hairline feminization” technique.

Before & After photos showing Dr. Cotterill’s “hairline feminization” technique.

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