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Hair Grafting: Hair Transplant in Toronto 

Unlock the transformative potential of hair grafting with Dr Paul Cotterill in Toronto. Specializing in Follicular Unit Transplantation , Dr Cotterill offers a meticulous procedure that transfers healthy hair follicles from donor areas to regions experiencing hair loss. This innovative technique ensures natural-looking results and permanent hair restoration, empowering patients with renewed confidence and a fuller head of hair. 


At our Toronto clinic, Dr Cotterill provides personalized care and comprehensive solutions tailored to each individual's unique needs. Whether you're seeking to address thinning hair or restore receding hairlines, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your hair restoration journey. 


With Dr Cotterill's expertise and dedication to excellence, you can trust that you're in capable hands. Take the first step towards reclaiming your confidence and achieving your hair restoration goals by scheduling a consultation with Dr Cotterill in Toronto today. Experience the life-changing results of hair grafting with one of Toronto's leading experts. Contact us now to embark on your journey to a more vibrant and confident you. 

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What is a Hair Graft? 

A hair graft, also known as a hair follicular unit, is a small cluster of hair follicles typically containing 1 to 4 hairs. During a hair transplant, these grafts are harvested from a donor site, usually the back or sides of the scalp, and transplanted into areas with thinning or balding hair. Each graft is carefully placed to mimic the natural growth pattern, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result. Check the before and after pictures of our clients here. 

How Many Hair Transplant Procedures Will You Need? 

Generally, the front ⅓ to ½ of a completely bald area can be finished in 1 – 2 grafting sessions. Some patients may be happy with the coverage and fullness of 1 session on a bald area. However, most want more density than one session on a bald area will achieve and may elect to have a second session to achieve added fullness. Patients who believe they can be completed in only one session and have relatively dense hair are being unrealistic. One session of all single FUs, (containing 1-3 hairs), can look very natural and can stand on its own very well; however, the density or fullness is for some people less than what one would expect for reasonable density.  

Hair Types  

A patient with coarse, wavy, salt and pepper or light brown/blond hair: Lend themselves to a lovely result with one session.  


A patient with straight, sparse, and black hair: Would have an understandably thinner look, and unless the patient had low expectations, he would probably want the benefit of the density of 2-3 sessions.  


Patients should be wary of doctors who claim most of the bald area of the scalp can be completed in 1 session unless a thin look is desired. To trust our team, know more about us. 

Intervals of Hair Transplant  

Transplant sessions may be as far apart as the patient wishes; however, they are not done in any given area without a minimum 8-12-month interval between sessions. Additionally, more extensive sessions that cover both the front half of the scalp and the crown can also be performed simultaneously in appropriate patients. Transplant sessions may be as far apart as the patient wishes; however, they are not done in any given area without a minimum 8-12-month interval between sessions. 

How Many Hair Grafts Can Be Transplanted in One Session? 

The number of grafts that should be transplanted at one session and the frequency of transplant sessions depend on the characteristics of each case; this can be planned out in advance for each patient.  

Important Note  

In less than 10% of patients, there may be mild thinning involving the pre-existing hair of the recipient area within the first 2 to 3 weeks after a transplant. This is called SHOCK. This thinning (if it occurs) is almost always temporary and the hair will regrow at the same time as the transplanted hair begins to sprout. 

Transplanting with Only 1-2 Haired Follicular Units, Megasessions and “Dense Packing” Of Grafts 

If you have relatively fine and/or light coloured hair and you feel you would be satisfied with light to moderate hair density, you may want to consider using only single 1 – 3-hair follicular unit grafts for your transplanting. There are 4 advantages to such an approach: 

  • FUs cause the least damage to any existing hair in the recipient area 

  • FUs produce the least amount of post-operative crusting 

  • FUs generally grow somewhat faster than other types of mini-grafts 

  • FUs, even in a totally bald area, produce absolutely no clumping or plugginess 


In fairness, it should be pointed out here that if a slightly larger graft that employs a follicular family of 2 single follicular units close together with 3-7 hairs is used behind the hair line zone of 1-3 haired grafts instead of all 1-2 haired grafts, there is virtually no damage to existing hair and with most hair types there is essentially no plugginess, either. Follicular unit families used behind the hair line and into the crown can help yield added density and coverage. 

Contact Us for a Personalized Assessment 

If you're considering hair graft procedures and have questions about the number of sessions you'll need, we're here to help. Contact DrPaul Cotterill's office in Toronto to schedule a hair loss assessment and consultation. Our team will provide personalized guidance and answer any queries you may have regarding your hair restoration journey. 

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