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Styling Tips for Men & Women with Hair Loss

Styling Tips for Men & Women with Hair Loss

January 19, 2018 Hair loss is difficult; there’s no doubt about it. Not only can it decrease your confidence but it also forces you to re-evaluate your look and adapt to this new situation. As a specialist for hair loss treatments in Toronto, the clinic of Dr. Paul Cotterill is here to provide the following tips that can help minimize the appearance of hair loss:

Men: Shave Your Head One of the most effective ways to deal with hair loss as a man is to shave your head entirely. Committing to your newfound hair loss is a great way to exude confidence in your new look without having to put in much effort. Women: Hairpieces and Wigs For women, there are multiple options that range from full wigs to small toupee-like hairpieces designed to cover small patches of thin hair. There’s also the option of using extensions at the top of your head that can seamlessly blend in with the rest of your hair. Men: Experiment with Facial Hair Facial hair is an important component of your personal style. If you can’t grow the hair on your head, why not try to fill it out with a full beard to add a bit of contrast to your look? Sculpt your facial hair into a unique style that will draw attention away from your lack of hair. Women: Try a New Colour Colouring your hair to something a little darker is a great way to hide bald spots! Dr. Paul Cotterill – Providing Hair Loss Treatments in Toronto for More than 30 Years If these options won’t work for you, come see the clinic of Dr. Paul Cotterill for hair loss treatments in Toronto. We’re happy to provide in-person and virtual consultations to better suit your needs. Contact us today to see for yourself how Dr. Cotterill has the experience and knowledge to restore your hair with flawless results.


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