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Effective Eyebrow Transplant in Toronto 

Eyebrow transplant is an effective cosmetic procedure to redefine eyebrows. This surgical procedure is recommended to people having scarred, thin or missing eyebrows. If you are looking for an eyebrow transplant in Toronto, count on Dr. Paul C. Cotterill. Regardless of the reason for your thinning eyebrows, he can provide you with safe and effective solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in hair restoration practices. With his extensive knowledge in hair restoration and transplantation, he performs high-quality surgical procedures. You can rest assured of positive outcomes and desired results.


The Benefits of Eyebrow Transplant

Naturally thick and well-shaped eyebrows are an ideal these days. They not only define your eyes but also improve your facial features. Unfortunately, eyebrow thinning or hair loss problems are very common. Rather than giving the desired shape to your eyebrows with makeup, you should consider eyebrow transplant as a permanent solution. Here are just a few benefits of an eyebrow transplant:

  • Safe and less invasive procedure
  • Give your eyebrows a natural shape and look
  • Increase your eyebrow density
  • Enhance your facial appearance
  • Restore overplucked eyebrows
  • Hide burn mark or scars


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Considering eyebrow transplant is your personal decision. If you are ready to undergo this cosmetic treatment, look no further than Dr. Paul C. Cotterill. He also offers hair transplants and PRP therapy.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Eyebrow Transplants

  1. Who is an ideal candidate to undergo eyebrow transplant?
    Anyone suffering from thinning eyebrow is a good candidate for transplant. Besides, having a good health condition is also important.

  2. How long does eyebrow transplant procedure take?
    Generally, the entire eyebrow transplant process takes about 3-5 hours. But, post-surgery care should be followed for 1-2 weeks.

  3. How often must the newly transplanted eyebows be trimmed?
    When donor hair is removed from the scalp and transplanted to the eyebrow, that hair will continue to grow at the same rate as where it was taken from. As such the patient needs to be aware that they will have to trim the transplanted eyebrows every 3-5 days otherwise the hair will become too long.

  4. Is there any alternative treatment for eyebrow transplant?
    If you are not willing to undergo surgery, microblading is the alternative to eyebrow transplant. The result of microblading lasts between 12-18 months, whereas eyebrow transplant is permanent.

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