Hair Transplant Cost in Toronto

I charge per area for each session.* An exact amount will be determined when the patient has been personally assessed by Dr. Cotterill. All full sessions to the front ? to ½ of the scalp will cost from $6,500.00 to $8,500.00 plus taxes, (2500 - 3000+, 1-3 haired single follicular units , either transplanted as individual single units or with follicular unit families of 2 units). In appropriate patients, if both the front half and crown are transplanted ( as much of the entire area of scalp hair loss as possible ) in 1 session, the cost is $10,000.00 up to $12,000.00, plus taxes and can involve transplanting 3500 - 5000 follicular units, depending on the patients donor density. ALL COSTS ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS.


Smaller sessions such as scar, scar revision, frontal recessions, eyebrows, beards and other body areas depend on the size of session and can range from $2500.00 - $6500.00 plus taxes.


I have a minimum fee of $2500.00


*As each patient is different in terms of the amount of scalp hair thinning, the amount of donor hair available, the amount of scalp to be treated in each session, and the type of graft to be used, it is impossible to give an exact amount per session without Dr. Cotterill seeing the patient first in consultation. Alternatively, some physicians charge per graft. In some cases the patient is charged for each graft whether it is a 1-hair follicular unit graft, a 3-haired single follicular unit graft or a single 3-haired follicular unit graft cut up into 3 individual grafts, ( which are not true follicular units ). It is important to know not only how many follicular unit grafts, but also how many hairs, are being transplanted in each session. For example: 1000 true single follicular units of 2 hairs each per graft would yield 2000 hairs being transplanted into 1000 recipient sites. However, if the same true 1000 – 2-haired follicular units were cut up into 2000 1-haired grafts, then there would be still 2000 hairs transplanted, but in 2000 recipient sites. Same amount of hair transplanted, but in twice as many recipient sites.


When assessing the number of grafts or hairs being transplanted it is important to compare apples to apples, especially if the physician is charging by the graft


Financing Your Procedure

Financing for your procedure can be arranged. Dr. Cotterill uses a patient financing company called Medicard.

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