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Schedule a Hair Transplant Consultation in Toronto or NYC

Dr. Cotterill strongly suggests that potential patients schedule a person-to-person consultation with Dr. Cotterill at his office in Toronto or New York City in order to most accurately assess your needs. There is no cost for the consultation. Dr Cotterill spends as much time as is needed to explain your hair loss options and to develop a treatment plan that may include blood tests and prescription medication, as well as the benefits of low level light laser and hair transplantation.

If you would like to book a person-to-person consultation, please contact Dr. Cotterill’s office or fill in the form below with your contact details. You will be contacted to set up an appointment.

Virtual Consultations Using Photos & Skype

Unable to have a person-to-person consultation?

No problem; a large number of Dr. Cotterill’s patients come from many different countries worldwide, so it is not always convenient for patients to pop in for a chat. So, if you are unable to have an in-person visit, fill in the form below. 

The form below provides you with an easy way of uploading close-up photos of your entire scalp from the front, top, back, and sides, accompanied with your contact information and the best time for Dr. Cotterill to contact you.

If you provide your Skype address in the form below, Dr. Cotterill can have a virtual consultation by corresponding with you in person through Skype.

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