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What to Expect After Hair Transplant Surgery

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What to Expect After Hair Transplant Surgery

August 23, 2018 Are you tired of being self-conscious about your hair loss? Maybe you’re even thinking about having hair transplant surgery? If so, at Dr. Cotterill’s clinic in Toronto, we provide hair transplants for men and women suffering from hair loss for a variety of reasons.

The procedure itself is virtually painless and the recovery period is fairly quick. Here’s a timeline of what you can expect: The day of the surgery You’ll be instructed to sleep with your head elevated at a 45-degree angle to avoid rubbing and dislodging your new grafts. You can also apply ice packs to avoid swelling. The next day You’ll come back to the office so Dr. Cotterill can assess your grafts and so you can have your hair washed. After this, you’ll be allowed to wash your hair gently once a day with a special shampoo. At this point, you can also return to work. However, you may wish to take additional time off, as scabbing will be visible on the transplant site for another six days or so. Second and third day You’ll begin to notice some scabbing and crusting and your scalp will begin to swell slightly. Continue sleeping with your head elevated and applying ice packs to bring down swelling. One week later You’ll be able to return to your normal exercise routine. Around this time, you’ll come back to the doctor’s office to have the stitches from the donor area removed. Any swelling should be gone by now. Eight to 10 days later Your hair grafts will now be firmly rooted in the scalp and the danger of dislodging them will be gone. If there’s still scabbing, it should be gone by the 12th day. Two to three weeks later Don’t be surprised when the newly grafted hair begins to fall out. This is expected and normal. You may also experience some minor shock loss, in which non-transplanted hair falls out and go into a typical 3 month dormant phase. One month later You can have your hair cut at this point. Your hairline will look much like it did before your surgery, because the hair follicles are still dormant. Three months later The grafted hair will begin to grow. If you experienced shock loss, this hair will also begin to grow back. Six months later The hair will be about an inch-and-a-half long, but its texture will be thinner and finer than your regular hair. One year later You’ll have full hair growth at this point. Your hair’s thickness and texture will be at its new normal.

Hair transplant surgery for everyone who needs it

Whether you’re a man, woman or transgender, Dr. Cotterill’s clinic in Toronto can help you be confident about your hair. Call us today to learn about your options for hair transplant surgery.


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