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Upcoming Hair Surgery Meeting in Amsterdam July 22 – 26

The Largest International Hair Surgery Meeting of the Year

July 13th, 2009 I will be attending the Annual ISHRS Meeting in Amsterdam. This is the biggest international meeting of the year devoted to the latest news in hair surgery, hair loss and research. I am an invited faculty moderator as well as faculty for the Breakfast with the Experts session.

Some topics of interest to my patients will be discussions on the present state of investigations on stem cell multiplication/hair cloning; the use of lasers to promote hair re-growth; genotyping research to determine who with hair loss may respond to medical anti-androgen treatments; the use of a medication that can help to grow eyelashes to make them longer and darker; and the use of a patient’s own blood to potentially improve growth of transplanted hair. I will report back to you in my blog when I return. Cheers! Dr. Paul Cotterill


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