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New Laser for Scalp Hair Loss

Get the Facts about Low Level Light (LLL) Lasers

October 30th, 2009

Low level light lasers (LLL lasers) for scalp hair loss have been on the market for many years. Lasers are very safe and have FDA approval for use in scalp hair loss. However, the results and overall effectiveness of LLL lasers to date have been inconsistent.

LLL lasers can come in the form of brushes or combs that have from 5 to 9 individual laser lights per comb or up to 107 lights in bonnets that are used in a doctor’s office. I am currently involved in a clinical study to test a LLL laser for male and female pattern hair loss. This laser has the potential to be 1 of the more efficient lasers at promoting hair growth and slowing hair loss (due to the increased number of laser lights), while at the same time being very user friendly. 224 laser lights are affixed to a mesh framework that fits inside a man’s baseball cap or woman’s hat. In this format the patient can perform scalp treatments discreetly at home and is not tied to a doctor’s office. I am currently recruiting patients to be involved in clinical studies. More information about the Lasercap can be found at I will be posting more information as the clinical trials progress.


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