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How Involved are Surgeons for Hair Transplant Surgery?

How Involved are Surgeons for Hair Transplant Surgery?

October 10, 2017 Hair transplant surgery in Toronto is both a science and an art. A substantial medical background provides the foundation required to make necessary medical decisions that come with any surgery, regardless of how minor. But technique, finesse and a well-trained eye are just as important in order to achieve the most desirable results. This is why an experienced hair physician—one that specializes exclusively in hair transplant surgery—is better than other medical and non-medical professionals performing the procedure.

In Toronto, few are as adept as Dr. Cotterill at performing male, female and transgender hair transplant procedures. His dedication and lifelong career as a hair transplant surgeon lend him the expertise required to make him among the very best not just in Toronto, but across North America. What’s involved in hair transplant surgery? A typical hair transplant surgery in Toronto lasts four to eight hours or even longer. Microscopic units of hair are harvested from the back of your scalp and then transplanted to balding areas. These units are so tiny that thousands of grafts may be required in a transplant surgery. Each one needs to be precisely placed in to the scalp at the right depth and angle. In addition, the most natural result requires that the whole head is considered, and adjustments be made based on individual head shape, hairline and other unique features. Given all that’s involved, who would you trust to perform this delicate procedure? Choosing a hair transplant surgeon The first thing you want to do is ensure that the person who performs your surgery is a doctor and an experienced surgeon. In addition, the surgeon should be someone who has dedicated a large part of his or her practice to hair transplant surgery. Finally, make sure the doctor is transparent and upfront about the results you can expect. In the majority of cases, more than one procedure will be required to obtain optimal fullness, and even then you’re unlikely to achieve the same density of hair you had as a younger person. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is untrue. A hands-on approach from start to finish If you are looking for a hair transplant surgery in Toronto, Dr. Cotterill is your answer because he believes in being involved in every operation in his clinic. From the first consultation to the recovery, follow up and beyond, he gives 100 per cent to every patient. While he does have trained nurses assisting him in the operating room, he performs the bulk of each procedure with his own adept hands. To find out more about hair transplants or to schedule a consultation, contact the office today.


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