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Debunking the Myths About Male Hair Transplants

Debunking the Myths About Male Hair Transplants

ovember 24, 2017 Today, hair transplants are by far the most popular option for hair restoration. But despite their popularity, male hair transplants in Toronto attract their fair share of myths. Unfortunately when a procedure is not fully understood, it is easy to avoid it out of fear that something will go wrong.

Luckily you don’t have to worry any longer. If you are considering a hair transplant, Dr. Paul Cotterill wants to help separate fact from fiction by debunking some common myths surrounding this popular procedure. To better understand how male hair transplants are done, results you can achieve, and what the process entails, some common myths and facts include: Myth: You can test a small area first to see if you like it A male hair transplant is not temporary and not something you “test.” Instead, it is a surgical procedure with permanent results. Therefore if you are unsure about the procedure, come speak to Dr. Cotterill and he can help you explore some options that are best suited for you. Myth: Hair transplants do not always work Compared to other methods, hair transplants are extremely successful and the best option for male hair loss today. Myth: A hair transplant costs a lot of money Compared to medications, scalp stimulations, and topical treatments, a male hair transplant in Toronto is surprisingly affordable. You do not need to spend money over a lifetime to get permanent results with a transplant. Myth: Hair transplants are more effective if you are younger Hair transplants are not biased with age. In fact, most successful cases involve older individuals rather than younger people. Myth: Your results depend on how many grafts are placed in a session Transplant specialists all have preferences with how many grafts they remove and transplant at a time. Also, it depends on the condition of your hair loss and the total number of grafts. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, it depends on your unique hair loss situation. Myth: Male hair transplants give you instant results After your initial transplant, outside hair falls in about 3 weeks. This does not mean your roots will not continue to grow though. Typically it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to start seeing noticeable results. Myth: Hair transplants can be spotted easily There was a time when hair transplants were extremely obvious. However, with modern technology, hair transplants are indistinguishable from your existing hair. Learn the Truth About Male Hair Transplants in Toronto The only way to find out if a hair transplant is the right treatment for you is to meet with a surgeon for a consultation. Dr. Paul Cotterill has spent years refining the technique and uses his specialized method to give his clients the best results possible. If you have suffered from embarrassing hair loss, and you would like to assess your candidacy for a male hair transplant, schedule a consultation by calling 416-322-0390 or by requesting a consult online.


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