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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Over the last decade, hair transplant surgery has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. However, before you decide to undergo this procedure, make sure you are aware of the facts and costs involved, as well as the potential risks that can arise from choosing to get a hair transplant.

Here at Dr Paul Cotterill's hair loss clinic in Toronto, we regularly help patients decide whether a hair transplant is a suitable option for them. To help you make you the right choice, we'll go over several things you should know before getting a hair transplant.

1. Results Are Not Immediate

One of the main things you should know before getting a hair transplant is that the results are not immediate. Although you will see a difference after the transplant, it can take up to several months for the grafts to begin to grow and a year before the hair is fully grown in.

Hair transplants also require several days of recovery, so expect to take some time off of work after the procedure.

2. There Is No Age Limit for Getting a Hair Transplant

One of the most common questions among those considering a hair transplant is, “How old should you be to get one?” The truth is, there is no age limit for getting a hair transplant.

When it comes to hair loss, we usually think of older individuals and assume that they are the only ones who lose their hair. But this is not the case. Hair loss in young adults is also a common problem. Many people think that hair transplantation is something for older people only and often overlook the option of getting a hair transplant at an early age.

If you have enough grafts to cover the affected area, hair transplants can be done at any time of your life, so your age won't affect the procedure.

3. Your Hairline Can Be Restored

If you look at hair transplant before and after photos, you'll see that many people end up with a full head of hair. While male pattern baldness commonly starts at the crown, both men and women see hair loss around their hairlines.

Thanks to modern hair transplant technology, we can shape your hairline the way you'd like. Whether you need to fill in your temples or completely restore the hairline, it is possible to do it and achieve natural-looking hair.

4. The Cost Will Vary

The cost of the procedure will often vary depending on how many grafts will be used and the type of hair transplant you are getting.

The hair transplant price generally increases when you increase the number of grafts used. The cost will be discussed with your hair specialist during your consultation.

5. Eyebrow Transplants Are Possible

One common type of hair transplant is the eyebrow transplant, which uses grafts from above the ears. These transplants can help to fill in eyebrows.

Similar to a regular hair transplant, grafts are removed and placed one by one. Results will be visible within a few months and are permanent, unlike microblading and shading.

Get a Hair Transplant Consultation in Toronto

The number of men and women who choose hair transplant surgery as a solution for hair loss continues to increase globally. However, it is important that anyone interested in getting a hair transplant speaks with a professional to make an informed decision. This will help you get an idea of what to expect when going in for the transplant.  

Dr Paul Cotterill has over 35 years of experience in FUT hair transplants for males, females and transgender. He is certified by The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.


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