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Dr. Cotterill’s Education & Credentials

Born July 8th, 1956 in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, Dr. Cotterill’s education, credentials and designations can be found below. If you wish to learn more about Dr. Cotterill or have any questions regarding his credentials, training, or procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact him.

In addition to the professional credentials below, Dr. Cotterill has also participated in drug studies, and is a member of several associations. He has also written many scientific papers relating to hair loss and hair restoration as well as appeared on television programs about the topic.

21 Bedford Rd (Ground Floor) Toronto, ON M5R 2J9 | 416-322-0390 | Toll Free 1‑800‑414‑8712 |



620 Park Avenue (Entrance off 65th) New York, NY USA 10021 | 416-322-0390

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