Male Hair Transplant

Is your hair thinning? Do you suffer from male pattern baldness? Are you hoping to restore your hair to its original density? A male hair transplant may be the solution. Hair transplantation is a form of cosmetic surgery and one of the most common surgical treatments for hair loss today. At Dr. Paul C. Cotterill, we can provide men with a male hair transplant in Toronto. The procedure involves surgically moving individual hair follicles from one area of the body or donor site to where your hair is balding or thinning.

What Do You Want Your Post-Transplant Appearance to Be

Do you have a hair style you used to sport before hair loss? Is there a new hair style you would like to try? Be sure to bring up these concerns during pre-transplant consultations. Our hair restoration specialist can let you know if this is doable. Your post-transplant appearance depends on several factors including the extent of your hair loss, likelihood of hair loss continuing, and the amount and quality of donor hair available for grafting. If you are set on a particular hair look, be sure to talk to Dr. Paul C. Cotterill about it at your appointment.

Book a Consultation for Your Male Hair Transplant

At the office of Dr. Paul C. Cotterill, we will get to know you through a thorough consultation in which you can ask questions, and we can discuss the possible goals to set for your hair restoration. We can also discuss costs as well as the number of sessions needed for your male hair transplant. Toronto men can call Dr. Paul C. Cotterill today to book an appointment. It’s important to choose a physician for your hair restoration because of their medical education and surgical training as well as their special training in hair restoration surgery.

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