Female Hair Transplant Specialist in Toronto

Hair loss is not just an issue men face. Women can experience hair loss too, especially those over the age of 60. However, hair loss can also occur in younger woman at a relatively high frequency in their 20s or 30s. At Dr. Paul C. Cotterill, we can help combat your hair loss with a procedure known as a female hair transplant. Toronto women can trust Dr. Cotterill has the experience and knowledge to restore their hair to a more natural look.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Similar to hair loss in men, female hair loss is often genetic in nature. If the women in your family have a history of hair loss, then you may experience it too. You should remain especially alert to any indications that your hair is thinning. At the first signs of hair loss, you should seek treatment to halt hair loss and restore the lost hair. Hair transplantation may be one of the options to consider.

Hair Transplantation – Is It the Best Option?

The first thing to consider is the causes for your hair loss. The effectiveness of hair transplantation correlates to what is causing the loss of your hair. Hereditary female hair loss may respond well to hair transplantation while other causes don’t. Some factors to remember when considering hair transplantation include:

  • Family history of female hair loss
  • Age at which hair loss begins
  • Progression rate of hair loss
  • Patterns of hair loss
  • Donor hair availability
  • Results of medical treatments used to slow or halt hair loss
  • Patient expectations of hair transplantation outcome

Get a Consultation for Female Hair Transplant in Toronto

Take the first steps to halting your hair loss and restoring hair regrowth with Dr. Paul C. Cotterill. If you suffer from hair loss and want to try female hair transplant in Toronto, contact the office of Dr. Paul C. Cotterill today to book your free consultation. Together we can discuss if hair transplantation is right for you. Don’t go another day dealing with hair loss. Let our experienced physician Dr. Cotterill help restore your hair.

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